Sundry resources

Annual Pack Program Planning
by Jamie Niss Dunn, Pack Trainer, Pack 512, Blaine/Coon Rapids, MN, Cub Scout Training
Chair, Cub Scout Roundtable Commissioner, 3 Rivers District -- This is a very thought out worksheet for the seasoned pro and newbie scout leader. Give your program ahead start.

Start-up Costs for New Cub Scouts What each new scout will need for his level in the Cub Program. (83KB)

Pack Cost Analyst Rough analyst to help organize what your Pack may need to run your Pack expenses. (96KB)

Generic Pack Guide An example of the jobs and requirements that are found in Packs. (509KB)

Parent's Pledge and Cub Scout Promise helpful info for New Cubs and their parents to see their pledge and Cub Scouts to learn the Cub Scout Promise, Motto, Law of the Pack, Handshake, and salute. (577KB)

Is My Pack all that It Could Be! (12KB)

Cub Scout Pack Yearly Plan Outline (Generic)

Job Grid Chart for Packs to use to help plan the monthly Pack meetings. This one is 2005-2006 if you want a blank one contact me. (21KB)

Leave No Trace Flyer explaining the Cub Leave No Trace program. (729KB)

Bead Roll - Used to take attendance, uniform, and having their book. (141KB)

First Aid film canisters
First Aid Pocket Guide and First Aid chart for Pocket Guide

DNA station from Michael Myjak Central Florida Council, Canaveral District
DNA Station
My DNA Stickers

Cub Outdoor Activity Award Guidelines
Cub Scout Outdoor Guidelines

The National Summertime Award info packet (253KB)
Summertime Pack Award Application (5KB)
Conservation Awards (15KB)

Ways to Involve Parents in the Packs (20KB)

Flag Etiquette
Flag receipe ceremonies

Crime Prevention Application and guidelines (47KB)
Crime Prevention Patch (148KB)

Lists to help with your Blue and Golds

Example of a Blue and Gold Dinner Program (2.80MB0
Blue and Gold Planning sheet (18KB)
Time table for planning Blue and Gold
Blue and Gold Assignment form
Blue and Gold budget form
Blue and Gold den list form
Blue and Gold Time schedule form
Blue and Gold Ceremonies
Committee responsibilities for Blue and Gold

Pack Behavioral Contract (171KB)

BSA Family Award (82KB)

3 part piece of Not My Job (10KB)

Adding Machine Tape Demonstration for Adult Recruiting from Cub-L (12KB)

International Participant Patch (53KB)
International Activity Patch Requirements for Cubs, Boy Scouts,
Varsity, Venture and Scouter. (30KB)
International Activity Patch order form. (1.21MB)
Black Swamp Area Council Activity Patch Worksheet for Cub and Webelos. (11KB)
Black Swamp Area Council Activity Patch Worksheet for Boy Scout and Varsity. (14KB)

To help with Tour Permits, I have created filled in examples:
Filled out Local Tour Permits 34426 ( KB)
Filled out National Tour Permits 4419 (134 MB)

You can also find blank tour permits:
Local Tour Permit 34426 (663KB) 2008
National Tour Permit 4419 (86.97 KB)

Charters don't have to be time consuming:
Check out Black Swamp Area Council Recharter Handbook and then do the
exercises in the Swamp Area Council Charter Workbook (391KB & 87KB)

Uniform inspection sheets

Adult Uniform (995KB) Brown 2007
Tiger Cub, Cub Scout and Webelos Uniform 34282 (375KB)
Boy Scout/Varsity Uniform #34282A (708KB)

For my Doctoral degrees in Cub Scouts and Venturing I have created these 2 booklets. If you have any suggestions on how to make it better or find them helpful send me a note. Thanks, Carol

Public Relations and Your Unit- Check out the booklet on newspaper, radio, PSA's, Photos, Web sites, Cable and TV. This has a lot of info that will help you decide who, what, when, where and why to get the most out of your stories.

Also, new is Planning and Leading Venturing Skills to teach the Cub Scouts their Advancements and Electives. I have listed what the Cub and Webelos Scouts need to cover for their advancement and also noted the Venture award requirements to see where and how they might overlap. By using this booklet the Venture Crews can learn how to serve the younger scouts and at the same time earn their advancement by sharing their knowledge.

American Elm District song book (60KB)

MyPyramid for Kids Poster 
A 2-sided poster of MyPyramid for Kids. One side of the poster, for younger children, highlights a simplified MyPyramid for Kids graphic. The other side, for advanced elementary students, features both the MyPyramid for Kids graphic and healthy eating and physical activity messages.

Nature resources

Knife safety and a project
Junior Forest Ranger Quiz
Cub Scout Camping Guide
Lots of helpful info on the Cub Scout program. (1.12MB)
Cub Outings spreadsheet in Excel -- I can't remember who built this but it can help you plan your outings for the year.
Cub Leader RT Field trip Resource book
75th Anniversary of Camp Berry Ecology Handbook

These booklets are similar but have different covers for use in Den, Pack or Family Nature events
Tiger Day Camp Field Guide.pdf
Wolf Day Camp Field Guide.pdf
Bear Day Camp Field Guide.pdf
Webelos Day Camp Field Guide.pdf


Star finder from instructions, wheel 1 , and wheel 2
Oct., Nov., Dec., Jan., Feb., March, April, May, June, July, Aug., Sept.
Leaf key
Trail mix (No Peanuts for those with allergies)
Nature Bingo
Hug a tree coloring book

Nature Scavenger Hunt (136KB)
California Waterfowl Association has wildlife activities for kids at or go to for teacher resources. GREAT SITE!!

Ideas from the past for Achievements and Electives

Achievements and Electives for 2005-2006
Achievements and Electives for 2006-2207
Achievements and Electives for 2007-2008
Achievements and Electives for 2008- 2009
Advancement ceremonies

Chronology of Cub Scout History used for the 75th Anniversary.

Fun Ideas for Pack events:

Tecumsa District Greater Pittsburgh Council's 2004 Updated Cub Mobile design. If you like Cub Mobiles check out their new design. I had fun redrawing their plans for them. (324KB)

Wind Pipe stand (23KB)
The pipes instructions can be found in the Dec. 2005 AE RT Newsletter (1.17MB)

Bola game
This is a fun game for all ages- you make 2
PVC stand and use tennis balls connected by rope to wrap around the PVC stand bars.

Cub Round-up Coloring pages (1.15MB)

Cub Book Marks(258KB)

Canoe pattern
Leather Key ring

Meteor ball game (3KB)

Basic Knot sheet
Knots and not

Ultimate game (Frisbee toss) (71KB)

Pyramid for marbles game (3KB)

Examples for Foil Pictures (152KB)

American Elm Decoder (865KB)

Cub Scouts codes fun sheets (750KB)

Fun code answers (168KB)

Codes 2004 new set of codes to do (36KB)

Family Tree graphic (61KB)

Helmets to suse with costumes

Knight costume and shield

A simple way to do your Rain Gutter Regattas is to get 1 long plastic gutter and cut it in half. You will need need 4 plastic end caps -- 2 left and 2 right
used a quarter turn 1/2" brass threaded Hose Bibb from B & K Mueller NSF61-9 with red knob. At Home Depot it is $7.59 C244-231 Inside the gutter I have a CPVC plastic Female Apapt. size 1/2" NTBCO #4703 at Home Depot A-232-475 which is 58 cents and then really caulk it inside and out.
I leave a large Home Depot orange bucket below the faucet in case someone decides to turn it on. I use a wooden base to hold the 2 gutters in.

Marshmallow Guns (31KB)
Paper Targets (99KB)
PVC Target stands (12KB)

Pinewood Derby helps

Double Elimination lineup 24
Double Elimination lineup 28
Best of Show certificate
Vote for Best of Show slips
Pinewood Derby certificate
Pinewood Derby assigned number slips

Bow and Arrow Craft by Conejo Valley YMCA (4KB)

Ice Fishing Jamie's game with instructions and pattern of fish. Also, you can print out the fish of card stock, laminate and put Funky foam between the sides of the fish. Cup magnetic's can be found at Hobby Lobby that work well for the "hook". (245KB)

Genius Kits
Intelligence Test
Try to see if you can pass this test. (8KB)

Magic Age, Marble Pool and Odds and Ends Robot three activities your den or Pack will have fun with. (43KB)
Magic Trick
Magic Age
Fortune cards

Battleship game We all know the board game and the computer one but this one is the graph paper for the long trips. (470KB)

Bill Doody
District Commissioner
Maramech Hill District Three Fires Council sends us Cub Olympics items:
Score sheet
Certification of Participation
Cub Scout laws for Olympic Games
Cub Scout questions for Olympic Games
Games and Rules
Needs for Cub Olympics and Check list
Olympic agenda
Olympic invite
Olympic schedule

Art layout for Packs to use

Trash bag aprons Re-tooled instructions from a Program Helps
Chef's hat Re-tooled instructions from a Program Helps
Christmas items for the den or pack to make
Blue and Gold place mat for BSAC 2006 (Did the patches also)
Space tags for photo canisters
Eagle craft

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