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The first training for a new leader is to:

From Site: (This training is designed for you, the new Cub Scout leader. You will learn more about the Cub Scout program and get the information you need to confidently run your first meeting. It should take you only 15 to 20 minutes to complete this training. If you are an experienced leader taking over a new responsibility, you'll find valuable information here for you, too).

The Black Swamp Area Council web site at

From Site: (This is Scouting is an introductory session that highlights the values, aims, history, funding, and methods of Scouting. It addresses how these aims and methods are reached in an age-appropriate style within Cub Scouting, Boy Scouting, Varsity Scouting, and Venturing. Videos, discussions, and hands-on reinforcement are presented during the 90-minute training session. Ideally, all unit-based volunteers—Cub Scout, Boy Scout, Varsity Scout, and Venturing leaders—take this session at the same time, so they understand that they are all striving for the same results with the youth they serve. Each leader completes This is Scouting training only once).

From site: (Tiger Cub den leaders, Cub Scout den leaders, Webelos den leaders, Cubmasters, and pack committee members can complete this training in one day or two or three evenings. The Tiger Cub den leaders, Cub Scout den leaders, Webelos den leaders, Cubmasters, and pack committee members are considered trained upon completion of This is Scouting and the Leader Specific training for that position).

You will want to follow the Age-Appropriate Guidelines for Scouting Activities that comply with the Guide to Safe Scouting and have been approved by your Council.
Also, check the Cub Scout Outdoor Program Guidelines for information on the outdoor programs.

Supplemental training for Cub Camping:
Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation (BALOO)

From Site: ( The revised Camping guidelines for 2000/2001 give councils the authority to allow Cub Scout packs to conduct a pack camp out (overnight) activity, as long as the activity is conducted at a council-approved location and is under the direction of a leader in the pack trained to do so. The new training course to prepare these leaders is called Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation (BALOO for short).

The target participant for BALOO training is a new Cub Scout leader with a desire to plan and carry-out an entry-level outdoor experience for the pack. Successful completion of this training will result in an increased level of confidence and a willingness to plan an age-appropriate pack overnighter.
The goal of the pack overnight activity is to provide a successful pack event that is Age appropriate

This training is not intended as an overnight experience, but rather a preparation of the Cub Scout leader interested in learning about overnight camping activities).

Overnight camping by Tiger, Wolf, and Bear Cub Scout dens as dens is not approved and certificates of liability insurance will not be provided by the Boy Scouts of America.

Webelos Leader Outdoor Training

From site: (focuses on teaching the new Webelos Leader how to prepare for, plan and run a quality outdoor event for Webelos aged Scouts. This course requires an overnight stay).

As you can see the different levels of Scouting are interconnected by the graphic Adventures in Training chart

A new item for leaders is the convenient tri-fold Training Card. (3 to a page) The cover has the Adventures in Training graphic with supplemental training listed and inside you will find a section on Fast Start training and the " Trained" area. I hope this will be an overview and help leaders look ahead to their next step in training.

To learn about special areas of Scouting attend your University of Scouting (formerly called Pow Wows) and encourage other members of your Pack to come with you so that your Den and Pack will benefit from the increased new skills you will bring back.

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