Webelos                                      Webelos badge Webelos oval badge

Webelos covers the fourth and fifth grades. This is the transition time towards Boy Scouts.

There are many achievements that are divided into 5 areas:

(Note that these activities are primarily done in the Den meetings and signed off by the Webelos Leader after the boy has completed each task. Some activities will
be assigned by the Webelos Leader to be done at home).Bobcat badge

(If the Cub Scout has not previously earned the Bobcat Badge, it must be earned first). See Advancement section for the requirements for this badge.

To earn the Webelos rank a Webelos Scout must complete 3 activity badges:

The next patch is the Compass Point Emblem which is awarded after the Webelos badge Compass Emblemand 4 additional activity badges for a total of 7 activity badges now earned.

After the scout has earned the Compass Point Emblem they can earn metal “compass compass pointpoints" for each additional 4 activity badges earned for a total of 3 metal “compasspoints”.

Webelos Scouts must earn a total of 19 out of the total of 20 possible activity badges — to receive all their metal "compass" points.
Arrow of Light badge
The highest rank in Cub Scouting is the Arrow of Light. (See page 63 for this rank’s requirements).

To promote uniform wearing, bringing books to Den meetings and attendance I have a Bead roll form under Sundry that you just check off the boxes.

Artist Activity pin worksheets for AE Roundtable - Sept.2011

Artist wheel (11KB) for the Artist Activity Badge and an example of a Arrow of Light certificate. (793KB)
A Heavy Shoulder Certificate for Webelos who complete all 20 activity badges. This is an idea from the Last Frontier Council that I I have updated the artwork. (110KB)

Webelos to Scout Transition

Webelos II Den Leaders role
Scoutmaster role
Black Swamp Area Council Webelos to Scout Transition booklet
Webelos Parents Questions (6KB)
Webelos Questions (7KB)
Webelos to Scout Evaluations (36KB)
Webelos Arrows (268KB) Rich Smith, Cub Roundtable Commissioner for Horseshoe Trail District of Chester County Council outside of Philadelphia, PA.
Webelos Knot Board
Basic Knot sheet
Knots and not

The information in this Activity Badge Outline has come from many sources, including the Internet, BALOO’s BUGLE, the Pow Wow books listed on MacScouter, and some items created especially for this activity by me, often following the requirements of the Webelos Scout book.

Where possible, I have tried to give credit to the source of the material. However, often the same material appears on numerous sites or in numerous sources. My name only appears on worksheets or activities that I developed. If no reference or credit appears on an item, it simply means that it is available from multiple sources or that the source is unknown. I am in no way attempting to take credit for the fine work performed by other Scouters. I have only tried to assemble the available information that I have collected over the years, and supplement it with my own work when the Webelos requirements changed or when a specific need was not met by the available resources. Other Scouters have gone before me in this endeavor, such as Barb Stephens and R. Gary Hendra, and to them I offer my thanks.

Please use this information in the spirit that it was intended – to make the job of the Webelos Leader easier by providing a format to follow with the necessary resources to fulfill the requirements of the Activity Badge, while providing the Scouts with fun and interesting activities!

Most of them have a word search that he did with a hidden message.

Aquanaut Activity Pin Aquanaut Activity Pin Outline (44 pages-393 KB)   Aquanaut handout

Artist Activity PinArtist Activity Pin Outline (28 pages-434KB)  Artist handout

Athlete Activity Pin Athlete Activity Pin Outline (42 pages-204 KB)

Citizen Activity Pin Citizen Activity Pin Outline (38 pages-348KB)

Communicator Activity Pin Communicator Activity Pin Outline (38 pages- 288KB)

Craftsman Activity Pin Craftsman Activity Pin Outline

Engineer Activity Pin Engineer Activity Pin Outline (24 pages- 302KB) Engineer handout

Family Member Activity Pin Family Member Activity Pin Outline (34 pages- 332KB)

Fitness Activity Pin Fitness Activity Pin Outline (34 pages- 362KB)

Forester Activity Pin Forester Activity Pin Outline (27 pages-382KB) Forestry handout

Geologist Activity Pin Geologist Activity Pin Outline (17 pages-201KB) Geologist handout

Handyman Activity Pin Handyman Activity Pin Outline (60 pages-952 KB)

Naturalist Activity Pin Naturalist Activity Pin Outline (54 pages-463 KB)

Outdoorsman Activity Pin Outdoorsman Activity Pin Outline

Readyman Activity Pin Readyman Activity Pin Outline  Readyman magnetics for refrig
also see Sundry page for First Aid items

Scholar Activity Pin Scholar Activity Pin Outline (40 pages-297KB) Scholar handout

Scientist Activity Pin Scientist Activity Pin Outline

Showman Activity Pin Showman Activity Pin Outline

Sportsman Activity Pin Sportsman Activity Pin Outline (56 pages- 464 KB)

Traveler Activity Pin Traveler Activity Pin Outline (40 pages-460KB)

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